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MASTER YOUR SKILL! Scene study class is where you put your acting skills to the test. It's a place to fail, a place to succeed and a place to challenge yourself. It's a safe harbor for you to grow as an actor. Great acting is when you abandon all care, choose a strong objective (something that you want in the scene more than anything else on earth) and then do whatever it takes to get it. And, you have to make it personal. When someone or something in the scene is keeping you from getting it you're willing to risk it all and win at any cost. If you bring every ounce of who you are to the task we won't be able to take our eyes off you. Scene study class is where you learn to do that.

HOW'S IT WORK? Each week the class will open with a brief lecture by the teacher. The purpose of this is to discuss the art of acting, remind us again why we act and to motivate you to give it your all and dedicate yourself to your work. This is followed by a short technique exercise. The purpose of the exercise is to get your blood moving, your creative juices flowing and to open you up emotional and sensorily. Exercises can vary from deep sense memory exercises to more carefree and fun moments like group Karaoke! Next the real work begins, scene study.

WHAT IS SCENE STUDY? Each actor will be assigned a scene from either stage, television or film and paired with a scene partner. Each scene is chosen by the teacher (and occasionally the actor) specifically to help you work through a particular problem in your acting. The focus of our work in this class is to help you explore more fully who you through the lines of the script and to teach how to bring "yourself" to your work.

WHAT'S THE POINT? Great acting... is not acting at all. Our purpose is to train you to trust yourself. To know that you are enouygh as you are and that there is no need to try and be something else. Then and only then will the audience stay captivated and follow you as you tell your story. Gregory Peck once said that when he acted his best he used to feel guilty because it didn't feel like he was doing anything at all. When he just let himself be himself the Oscars soon followed. The quickest way to get to that place in your acting is to practice being yourself on stage and camera, scene after scene, with the guidance of a good teacher. And, our On-Camera Scene Study class is just the place!

This on-going class is for actors who have at least some experience acting. It is focused and conducted in a professional manner. Actors are expected to commit to their scene partner and will be responsible for putting work up at least twice a month, hopefully more! From time to time we will have guest teachers including working Directors, Agents, Casting Directors and other established talent. Call now for a free audit. We'd love to have you work with us!

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